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We named our baby!

Last night, Ben and I finally decided upon naming our son Kyle Matthew... a good thing, too, because he is due at the end of March! Boy, time flies!!!

Ahhh California Dreamin'

The hills around San Francisco! Oh, and my husband. :)

View right outside our apt.!

Palm tree! I love it.

Not too flattering a pic of me, but Ben looks good. In fact, for some reason, he reminds me of a Peter Pan here...


Sorry it's late, but I was just cleaning up the images on my camera... what my husband got me for Valentine's Day.
He's a darling man... didn't he know that his love was gift enough?

I know!

I found out a few hours ago, that I'm having:

Art or Crime?

Art or Crime?

Here is my latest ACEO, my comment on a growing trend in society... is graffiti "art" or "crime"?

Graffiti artists every where tag walls, spray subways, and draw all over their blackbooks. I realize that your corner grocer probably doesn't want to come to work one morning to see his beautiful white wall covered in graffiti, and a lot of young people DO it simply because of rebellion, but it is not fair to lump all graffiti into that one category.

If you look at it closely, you'll see line and form used very carefully. You'll see colors blended and stark against one another. You will begin to depict style, and tell one artist from the other. I do not use the term artist sparingly. I know that these people take pride in their hard work, just like a sculptor or scenic painter would.

Take the popularity of Basquiat, for example. His work was against the very society that adopted him.

There is room for graffiti, it is not all garbage and done to "mess things up". Seriously, the next time you're out and about, take a good look at the side of that building or decrepit fence... you're partaking in an art gallery experience without paying the admittance fee.

Appreciate art for all it's worth, for remember, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Super DAWG Sale!

As posted on the DAWG Team blog , by Paper Moon Delights, there will be a:

Our Big 4 Day Sale Starts Tomorrow Friday the 13th, You must take the time to check out all the new art and Great Sales all our members will have going on!
Type in DAWG Team in the Tags and see our tags
I will be offering
There are many of us in the Dawg Team offering great sales so don't miss out!!

I am a member of two teams on Etsy, and this one is fantastic. All of these are hard working women who put a lot of time and effort into their work. This is a four day sale, so come by and check it out. Just do a search for DAWG Team on the home page of Etsy, and all the sale items will come up. Thank you!

Sushi soap?

I still can't believe how awesome this is! I don't know her, but love her stuff. Go check it out!


Cat Bus!

Someone on my friend's list posted this, and I know enough of you will think it's cute, so here you go. :)

A New Art Card

That I just made! I am really pleased with how she came out... what do you think?

Blog Giveaway

Hi every one! I'm having a giveaway on my crafting blog! Please take a moment and stop by to see what you could win!


best of luck!